Fruit, Veggies, and Nuts. Day 5!!!!


~Mission Accomplished~

I actually barely ate today because I was so busy. But.. I DID IT!!!! Yay!! Thanks for the support!

Cravings: None




Fruit, Veggies, and Nuts. Day 4!


I discovered I like grapefruit, today. I apparently ate it wrongly, though. This is so easy compared to what I thought! I wouldn’t want to do it for life. One more day for my raw, vegan fast.

Cravings: McDonald’s fries


Fruit, Veggies, and Nuts. Day 3!


This picture, my friends, shows my raw, vegan “mashed potatoes.” WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT!! Raw, vegan “mashed potatoes” is awful! Here are the ingredients: Olive oil, water, garlic, onion, and cauliflower. It was also super messy to make. I don’t understand how all the reviews said it was delicious…

This is actually a lot easier to do than I expected. Thanks for the support!

Cravings: Real mashed potatoes


Fruit, Veggies, and Nuts. Day 1!

First day! Made it through pretty well. Cooking could make some things better.
I’m very fond of kiwis and since we don’t normally have them, I’ve eaten 3 today. I was hungry practically all day, but it actually wasn’t as bad as a thought it would be. Starting to dread the week ahead of me..

Cravings: Pretzels


Fruit, Veggies, and Nuts. Oh, my!

Tomorrow I am starting a fruit, vegetable, and nut only fast. The goal is five days, but I’d actually like to do a month or so (probably not happening).

I’m going to try to post a daily update to keep me accountable. Sorry if I mess up on it! Wish me luck!


Live, Laugh, Die.

one life

The average lifespan of a human is around 80 years or 29,220 days or 701,280 hours or 42,076,800 minutes. That’s not that long. Live it to the fullest.

Just because the average is 80 years doesn’t mean everyone will be lucky enough to live that long. A friend of mine and his fiance passed away from a motorcycle accident just a few years ago. They were in their twenty’s. Tell and show people you care. It does matter and it does make a difference.

People do love you, too. Whether you think so or not, you are an example and you are wanted. YOU make a difference. Make a good one. Never give up. Don’t push others away. Everyone needs someone else. Enjoy life, now.